Volunteering in School

There are 6 primary and one secondary school within the Brigshaw Learning Partnership (BLP) and they all need committed volunteers to be school governors or to assist the school in its work. We   need volunteers across our schools in a wide variety of roles, everything from governorship; hearing readers in primary schools to experienced fell walkers for our Duke of Edinburgh expeditions. The BLP is committed to encouraging talented and skilled individuals to join governing boards or to make a difference to their local community by volunteering. We encourage people to step forward and offer their time and skills to govern or support schools in the interest of pupils.


s300 teachers meeting

By becoming a governor or director you can have a strategic influence on the management of schools. As a volunteer, you can help inspire young people to think about what is possible in their futures or help them develop their skills further.

In essence there are three levels we are looking for volunteers in:

1. The directors of the trust ensure the trust delivers on its aims and provide support and challenge to the central trust team as well as holding individual schools to account when required. They have a key oversight role as well as being involved in the management and delivery of the Trust’s services. Please click this link for more information on our director/trustee roles.

2. The Local Governing Bodies, who are focused on the interests of one or more schools and include parent and staff representatives. Please click this link for more information on becoming a local governor.

3. In addition; volunteers who can open children’s eyes to the all the possibilities for their futures. Whether you’re a CEO or an Apprentice, you’d be amazed how inspiring your story can be as a visitor to a school for a special event or on a regular basis. Please click this link to find out more about volunteering opportunities.

To apply or to request more information on any volunteering roles, please click here.