Attendance at Meetings 2019/20


The Brigshaw Learning Partnership Board of Directors has three committees. These committees meet at least three times during the academic year. The membership of these committees is as follows:

Audit & Risk

Rachael Bajulaiye (Committee Chair)

Neil Clephan

Emma Jackson

Stewart Ross

Finance & Resources

Bob Stott (Committee Chair)

Ken Morton

1 vacancy

Progress & Standards

Ann-Marie Spry (Committee Chair)

Emma Jackson

Nick Mitchell

Pay Committee


Emergency Committee

Emma Jackson

Bob Stott

Neil Clephan

Ken Morton

The CEO, although not a member of the committees, attends meeting to provide advice and support Directors.

Board of Directors Meetings 19/20

Attendance 2019/20 24/09/2019 11/12/2019 24/03/2020 14/05/2020 15/07/2020
Ken Morton (Chair) X X CANCELLED X  
Rachael Bajulaiye X A CANCELLED X  
Neil Clephan X X CANCELLED X  
Simon Hilton A X CANCELLED N  
Emma Jackson X X CANCELLED X  
Nick Mitchell X A CANCELLED X  
Ann Marie Spry (Vice Chair) X A CANCELLED X  
Stewart Ross X A CANCELLED X  
Cath Lennon (advisor) X X CANCELLED X  


Audit & Risk Committee

 Attendance 2019/20 27/11/2019 26/02/2020 10/06/2020
Rachael Bajulaiye (Chair) A X X
Neil Clephan X A X
Emma Jackson A X X
Stewart Ross X A X
Cath Lennon (advisor) X A X


Finance & Resources Committee

Attendance 2019/20 03/12/2019 09/03/2020 07/07/2020
Bob Stott (Chair) X X  
Ken Morton X X  
Cath Lennon X X  


Progress & Standards Committee

Attendance 2019/20 15/10/2019 29/01/2020 28/04/2020
Ann-Marie Spry (Chair) X X CANCELLED
Nick Mitchell A X CANCELLED
Emma Jackson X X CANCELLED
Cath Lennon (advisor) X X CANCELLED


X: In attendance. A: Apologies. N: Non attendance without apologies