Our Vision, Values and Aims


Vision: Success and Respect for all 


Our Values; Equality, Integrity, Tolerance & Resilience.

The overarching aim of The Brigshaw Learning Partnership is to develop schools which inspire and motivate children, staff and families and deliver our core mission of ‘Success and Respect for All’, underpinned by our core values of Equality, Integrity, Tolerance and Resilience.



 Excellent Quality of Education

Teachers are determined that all pupils achieve, inspiring resilient learners through a curriculum which offers the knowledge and skills needed in order to take advantage of opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life. All pupils make substantial and sustained progress, regardless of their starting point.

Excellent Behaviour and Attitudes

Pupils have excellent attitudes and commitment to their education. They are highly motivated and persistent in the face of difficulties. Pupils make a positive, tangible contribution to the life of the school and our wider community and actively support the wellbeing of others.

Excellent Personal Development

The curriculum extends beyond the academic or vocational and provides for pupils’ broader development. This supports pupils in being confident, resilient and independent, and to develop talents, interests and strength of character.

Excellent Leadership and Management

Inspirational leadership at all levels ensures that all in our Trust share our commitment to creating success for all.

Excellent Service and Care

An ambitious culture of learning ensures that all staff and students strive for continuous improvement. A relentless culture of safeguarding supports all children to thrive.

It should be noted that a key priority for 2020-21 will be our response to the challenges of Covid-19. Our plans will have to be responsive to changes brought about to accommodate the changing landscape. Immediate priorities include our Teaching and Learning recovery plan, our development of trust-wide initiatives which engage our students with national and global issues such as Climate Change and Black Lives Matter, and ensuring our children once again access creative and sporting experiences through an international Arts festival and sporting events. This is an ambitious and urgent agenda for 2020-21. Nevertheless, it is vital that we keep our overall longer term aims clearly in mind so we know what we are losing or modifying.

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