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Kippax Greenfield School Admission Arrangements 
This consultation for 21/22 admissions has now closed. However, The Brigshaw Learning Partnership (BLP), as the admission authority for Kippax Greenfield Primary school are currently in the process of applying to the Education and  Skills Funding Agency to vary the admission arrangements by reducing the admissions number (PAN) for Kippax Greenfield Primary School for September 2020 from the current 30 places to 20 places.

This change is being proposed to improve the sustainability for the school.


Kippax Greenfield Primary School Policy for consultation 2021-2022

Consultation on Brigshaw Learning Partnership's Variation to the determined admission arrangements for Kippax Greenfield Primary School for September 2020 admissions.

Kippax Greenfield Catchment area map

Priority 1a Supplementary Information Form

Priority 1b Supplementary Information Form - Special Educational Needs

In addition to the above consultation, we are also requesting to reduce the admissions number in each year group to 20 places from the current 30 places.


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