About Us

Welcome to The Brigshaw Learning Partnership.

 Our mission is to provide a cradle to career education that allows our children to enjoy lives of choice and opportunity. By the age of 18, we want every child to have the option of university or a high quality alternative.


Brigshaw Learning Partnership

We believe there is something very special about The Brigshaw Learning Partnership; it is a great environment to learn, work and grow in. We serve a close-knit community in East Leeds and are committed to improving outcomes for our families, children and young people.

For over a decade, our schools have collaborated on ensuring all children have access to high standards of education, guidance and support. In 2016, our schools cemented this collaboration further through the formation of The Brigshaw Learning Partnership (BLP), a Multi-Academy Trust.

Our schools chose to join in a stronger partnership, which would provide an equal measure of both challenge and support, and ensure schools continue to improve whilst remaining committed to our core values:

Equality: we are one team with one goal, unapologetically ambitious for all in the belief that every child can achieve, regardless of their background or socio economic status. We work with each other and for each other.

Resilience: We give 100% effort. We don’t make excuses or give up when it’s hard, embracing challenges as opportunities for growth. We know success is achieved incrementally.

Integrity: we are open about our successes and areas for growth and take responsibility to become better, every day.